Zara Shopping … Is Zara Innovative Fashion Retailer?

About Zara

Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer based in Arteixo, Galicia, Spain and founded in 1975. There are over 2,000 Zara stores located across 88 countries, including 51 in the United States as of July 2014.Zara stores are company-owned, except where local legislation forbids foreigner-owned businesses. In those cases, Zara franchises the stores.

What makes Zara the most innovative fashion retailer?

It is claimed that Zara needs just two weeks to develop a new product and get it to stores. This is compared to the six-month industry average. Zara launches around 10,000 new designs each year. That is an amazing statistic, isn’t it?

Zara shopping … growth strategy success

In 1980, the company started its international expansion through Porto, Portugal. In 1989 it entered the United States, and in 1990, France. This international expansion was increased in the 1990s, with Mexico (1992), Greece (1994), Belgium and Sweden (1994), etc. until reaching its current presence in over 88 countries.

Zara New York,NY … innovation secrets

Every day, store managers report customer feedback information to headquarters. It is then transmitted to a large team of in-house designers. They quickly develop new designs and send them to factories to be turned into clothes.

Key takeaways

Zara, I believe, is the most innovative fashion retailer in the global economy. This is within an industry built around constant design innovation and change. Why may you ask?



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