Small Business Customer Insight Research Secrets

Good Service Trumps Fast Service

Recent studies show customers cite rude, incompetent, and rushed service as their top reasons to switch brands. Almost 20% more often than slow service. That is a surprising insight, isn’t it?

Money discussion makes customers more self-focused

When you prime people with money, they approach their social interactions in a fundamentally different way than they normally would,” said Nathan DeWall, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, who has conducted similar research on the psychology of money.

Customers favor personalization

In a study from the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, researchers were able to increase the average tips that waiters received by over 23%, without significantly changing their service.

Is time more valuable than money?

Most people see time spent as a better indicator of who they are versus how much money they spent.

Innovate through customer collaboration

MIT’s Eric Von Hippel conducted a study with the Institute of Management Sciences on the relationship of superstar customers and company innovation.

Surprise with acts of kindness

One of the most memorable and talked about customer experiences is a surprise act of kindness.

Loyalty programs are still very effective

Consumer psychologists Dreze and Nunes were able to reveal just what makes a ‘sticky’ loyalty program, across all industries.

Customers prefer stories

Storytelling is most persuading so shows the research by Greer and Brock. Their research reveals that a well told story is one of the most persuasive forms of community. They concluded that stories have the ability to take us to another place, permitting the story to be a marketing message without the marketing.



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Mike Schoultz

Mike Schoultz

Mike Schoultz writes about improving the performance of business. Bookmark his blog for stories and articles.