Secrets to the Most Popular Ad Ever

Could you guess the most popular advertisement ever? You might ask about the criteria for most popular, yes? In this case, we will use the most awarded ads, according to the Gunn Report.

In the advertising business, everyone is familiar with a commercial for the French TV company Canal+, titled “The Bear.” Created by ad agency BETC Paris, this commercial is now, officially, the best TV ad of all time, according to The Gunn Report, which tracks advertising awards. Ad week notes that the ad has received more industry awards than any other single piece of work in the Gunn Report’s history.

Released in 2011, it has been viewed 1 million times on YouTube but, obviously, has never aired in any of the larger TV markets in the English-speaking West because it’s for a French brand.

For Canal+, its communications are driven by a desire to remind audiences of its commitment to quality cinema. As part of this strategy the channel’s ad agency, BETC Paris, produced an offbeat, witty TV commercial — ‘The Bear’ — in which a bearskin rug explains what it takes to become a great Hollywood director.

Have you seen this advertisement? If you have not seen this 70-second ad, you can check it out here.

In marketing or advertising, you need to create information that your customers find interesting and worth talking about and remembering. This advertisement certainly achieves this goal, don’t you think?


Mike Schoultz