Know Your Customers to Build the Best Customer Relationships

Mike Schoultz
3 min readSep 4, 2021

There is a spiritual aspect to our lives — when we give we receive. When a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them.

- Ben Cohen, Ben and Jerry’s

In the business world, a company can successfully build its brand in many ways. But perhaps the factor most important for the continued success of a company is its relationships with customers. That starts with getting to know your customers. Knowing them as friends if possible. And developing good relationships.

Business is a “people activity” … people like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Ones with whom they have relationships are at the top of the desirable business option list and the stronger the relationships, the more the trust and loyalty.

Studies show time and again, loyal customers are the aptest to tell their friends about your business, creating strong word of mouth marketing, one of the most important marketing processes.

So there are many important reasons to focus on building strong customer relationships.

Here are some tips to help you forge new and strengthen existing relationships:

Friendly and genuine

First and foremost, be friendly and genuine. Focus on making friends. Smile and be pleasant to be around.

Know the stages of customer loyalty

Prospect, first-time customer, repeat customer, and then advocate. When you know the stages of customer loyalty, it’s easier to bring people from the suspect stage all the way to the advocate stage. To achieve that transition, marketers need to understand how to entice people to convert them into customers while nurturing the relationship.

Keep an open line of communication

Research shows that when customers receive multiple methods of communication, they are more likely to remain loyal. And, in many instances, the most effective communications incorporate soft sells rather than hard-hitting sales language.

Personal gestures

Personal gestures can go a long way. For the holidays, send cards to your customers to express how grateful you are for them and their business. That one simple act will make your customers feel respected, valued, and, best of all, appreciated. Taking a few breaks from selling your…

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