Extraordinary Leadership Lessons: The Secret Sauce for Future Leaders

Mike Schoultz
4 min readSep 10, 2022

Leadership and teamwork go hand in hand, don’t they? So to build a strong team you need to be the type of leader that will measurably help others succeed, don’t you think? Future leaders certainly need to grasp this fact and understand the concepts of extraordinary leadership lessons, qualities, and attributes don’t they? Spot on.

To lead is to measurably help others succeed. I have been in leadership positions in the military and business world for forty years, and I often get asked what the best lessons for future business leaders I have found.

Surprisingly (or not) my list of lessons probably varied to a degree, depending on when in my career it was constructed. The list of lessons is based on real-world experiences as well as the leaders I studied.

For example, Dwight Eisenhower was the only of many I studied over those many years. Being such a leader is a lifelong learning process. You are never done learning and renewing lessons you have learned. Every great leader always looks for ways to improve their ability to improve their leadership qualities and attributes.

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If you read ten books on leadership, you could easily build a checklist of 50 or more leadership lessons for future business leaders. But more is not necessarily better for the best lessons to study and apply. The following leadership lessons represent my favorite 11 lessons on leadership that could make the biggest impact.

If I was starting my career over and could take 11 leadership lessons back in time with me, these are the ones I would choose:

Leadership lessons learned

It is necessary that leaders be good learners. They must learn from their mistakes. To be most successful, leaders must acknowledge, understand, and improve on their shortcomings. And they must encourage their team also to focus on continuous learning.

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