Creating Social Conversations. 15 Ideas That Work Effectively

Social networking is not about farming followers, it’s a way of cultivating relationships.

And social commerce is all about building relationships. Social media gives a business or brand the ability to turn communication into interactive social conversations. Anyone eager to create an online presence can take static or one-way communication and turn it into a vibrant, dynamic, and energetic conversation. Ones that trust and relationships are built from.

Social media opens the door to deeper, more meaningful conversations; allowing businesses to share meaningful, relevant messages consumers seek and all in real-time.

Before we get to these great ideas to create or improve social conversations, lets first review some frequent misconceptions about social media. Social media is NOT:

About being on Facebook. Or Twitter. Those are platforms and not the end state. The end state is about customer engagement.

About being a big brand. When creating social conversations, the size of the business doesn’t matter.

About being the first mover in adopting new technology. That has value, but is it what you want your customers to talk about? We think not.

In order to create meaningful social conversations, you must first open the lines of communication. Below are 15 ideas for creating social media conversations that captivate and inspire your online community!

Customer retention

Think stories

Think service

Company culture

Keep it simple

What do you want customers to remember?

Monetary value or conversation value?

Random acts of kindness

Relationships are key

Happy customers

Offline conversations

Manage expectations

Everything business is conversations


Pilot projects

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