Advice for the Younger Generation

Think different

Try and explore new ideas without bringing your old ideas along for the ride. Never reject ideas just because you will not agree with them. Examine and study thoughts before setting them aside. Stand out to be heard.

Have fun

Remember your learning won’t all come from your books and professors. You will constantly need to remind yourself about the importance of having a good balance in your life.

Learn how to learn

Note, in all likelihood, most of you have not mastered this one yet. And when you think you have it down, new technology will come along to add access to more information. None-the-less, you will spend your life on this one, so you might as well start as soon as possible.

Practice the art of asking good questions

I know, I know, you thought the tough act was getting the answers nailed. Yes, that is difficult. But asking really good questions is more important. It starts with being a good listener.

Be curious about everything

This is where good questions are needed. This is also a key source for your learning.

Don’t fear failure

Everyone who has ever accomplished things in life has had many failures along the way. The key is how you learn from the failure to keep moving forward.

Eliminate your bad habits: Bad Habits … 14 That Can Get in the Way of Success

Be a never-ending reader

A reader of lots of new things … always trying something new. Get your mind exploring; reading will be an important source of your lifetime learning.

Develop a strong imagination

Dream often (yes even daydream … they are the best kind of dreams). Dreams will help you find what you love.

Wear your enthusiasm and passion

Show how you feel. Your attitude and emotions are the first signs to others of who you are and how you are made.

Mike Schoultz is the founder of Digital Spark Marketing, a digital marketing and customer service agency. With 40 years of business experience, he writes about topics that relate to improving the performance of business. Find them on G+, Twitter, and LinkedIn



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