There are many of Dalia Lama’s words of wisdom. Do you have a favorite?

It took me 40 years of living to learn that the most important character trait you can develop is perseverance. It is one of the many incredible things to learn.

Incredible things to learn …. perseverance leads to mastery

It makes you mentally stronger

A famous Godin quote: Products that are remarkable get talked about. Remarkable is a word many marketers are familiar with. Especially those that are fans of Seth Godin. Seth has written a lot about remarkable and designing a brand identity.

What makes this branding so remarkable?

Designing brand identity … emotional triggers

Here are a few of my favorites of effective life hacks to consider:

Manage time well

Break goals into small objectives

Zen teaches that the potential to achieve enlightenment is inherent in everyone but lies dormant because of ignorance. It is best awakened not by the study of scripture or the practice of good deeds, but by breaking through the boundaries of mundane logical thought. Lincoln's leadership abilities certainly break through…

Sketching and note-taking

Coach Mike Krzyzewski said leaders should be reliable without being predictable. They should be consistent without being anticipated. Coach K's leadership needed simple things. Krzyzewski certainly understood the leadership qualities of the best leadership, didn’t he?

Spot on. I have been in the military and business world for forty years…

Mike Schoultz

Mike Schoultz writes about improving the performance of business. Bookmark his blog for stories and articles.

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