9 Marketing Nuggets to Enhance Your Customer Loyalty and Retention

Excellence is …

Caring more than others think is wise.

Risking more than others think is safe.

Dreaming more than others think is practical.

Expecting more than others think is possible.

-Winston Churchill

Have you ever heard this quote from Winston Churchill? We believe it is one of the best definitions of excellence we have found and we use it with clients quite often. Caring, risking, dreaming, and expecting are four important traits of successful entrepreneurs for sure and have a lot to do with customer loyalty and retention.

We find many businesses that are quite happy with their size and state that they are not interested in further growth. This is certainly an acceptable answer … except for one thought. Everyone needs some focus on growth just to stay where they are. With this in mind, here are 9 marketing nuggets to assist your business growth through customer loyalty and retention:

You can’t be a business that is all things to all people. Identify your ideal customers.

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Work is theater and business is always a stage … create memorable experiences.

All things being equal people like doing business with friends. Build customer relationships by making friends.

Build alliances with other businesses … look for synergy to add customer value.

Stand for something good in your community … continue to add new planks to your brand.

Be social … wear a smile and a nametag.

Deliver consistency … always.

Always keep your promises … and always follow up.

Occasionally surprise your customers … by going the extra mile.

Remember … don’t talk about how great you are … tell your customers a story about how what you do well will make them look awesome.

Mike Schoultz writes about improving the performance of business. Bookmark his blog for stories and articles. www.digitalsparkmarketing.com