8 Fantastic Suggestions to Boost Team Innovative Thinking

Innovative thinking … encourage risk-taking

Zappos as a company is known as much for its culture as for its creative business model. The company has built a business that is growing rapidly by allowing individuals the freedom to take creative risks without that overwhelming sense of fear or judgment. They tell their employees to say what you think, even if it is controversial.

Be a detective

Creatives and innovators always have enquiring minds. Are you and the team asking enough questions to get deeper and understand the problem as much as you can? It is not rocket science, is it?

Make quiet time

Most ordinary days of the average worker includes an enormous amount of multitasking. Multitasking is, of course, is very destructive to the time and space of good creative thinking. Set time aside for team members’ quiet time to stimulate and let the mind wander until ideas flow. You will be surprised at the results.

Challenge good

The phrases good enough, this has always worked, and this is all the time we have to devote to this problem, etc. are very destructive to team creativity. Avoid these at all costs as they are enemy #1 to the best results.No question about that.

Foster Autonomy

We all prefer control over our environments. According to a 2008 study by Harvard University, there is a direct correlation between people who have the ability to call their shots and the value of their creative output. An employee who has to run every tiny detail by her boss for approval will quickly become numb to the creative process.

Divergent thinking

Try the quantity approach to new ideas. Use brainstorming to improve divergent thinking. Study and then connect ideas to get new ideas.

Innovative thinking … add play to the equation

When looking for fresh new thinking to solve a problem, shake things up by adding some fun and play with the process. It always can shed the stress and pressure on a team

Explore new experiences

Open up your new idea of thinking. Do things in new and untried ways. Avoid the set ways of solving problems.


Do as much experimentation as you can. Don’t worry about failures and allow the team to question any and all assumptions and consider even the craziest ideas.

Key takeaways

Now, think about YOUR business, YOUR life. What problems are you facing that could be approached differently simply by asking WHY, and then WHY again, and then WHY again … until you get to the real definition of the problem? If you don’t, you may just end up not correctly defining the problem. Not good.



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